Around 68 ninth graders of SSA followed the English practice examination. This examination becomes one of the graduation requirements. They were grouped into twenty groups which consisted of 3 until 4 students for each group.

The series of this practice exam was done in 1 week because the practice was divided into two sections, which were production section and presentation section. The production section was started a week before presentation section. In the production section the students in their group were asked to produce a thematic wall magazine which means all the content including the design had to be related to the chosen theme. In this production section the students were stimulated to be creative, be innovative and have a contextual thinking.

After producing the wall magazine, the students then were asked to present their product, which was done on March the 22nd. Things that should be presented including the process of making it, the students’ contribution in producing it, the reason of choosing the theme, and also the content of their wall magazine. In this presentation section, the students were stimulated to be confident and their ability in putting words together in a meaningful way to express their thoughts, opinion and feelings were honed.(AU)

Here are some pictures of them and their projects.

 “Indonesia Fashion Culture”


“The Japanese Fashion” “One step closer to the space. The Falcon 9 rocket launching”
“All about America” “Food”
“Movie” “Marvel Studio”



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